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Android Simulador GPS Apk Free Download
Simulador GPSSimulador GPSSimulador GPSSimulador GPSSimulador GPSSimulador GPSSimulador GPS
What is New? Enable Fake Gps Locations
CategoryEducation and leisure
Version 1.65
TitleSimulador GPS
File size8.00 MB
Operation SistemAndroid 8+
Have You Ever Needed To Spoof Your Gps Location? For Example, Requesting An Online Service That Is Not Available In Your Country, Or Playing Pokemon Go And Catching Creatures That Are Not Available In Your Area. In That Case You Need A Gps Emulator For Android.
Spoof Your Geolocation On Android
This Application Allows Us To Search For A Geographic Location Anywhere In The World And Use These Coordinates As A Reference For The Rest Of The Application. Therefore, While We're In France, We'll Be Able To Log Into Programs That Offer Region Services In The US, Or Take Pictures With The EXIF ​​data Showing These Coordinates As Our Real Ones.
You Can Manually Enter Locations Into The Search Tool Or Find Them Manually By Referring To The Map. Among Its Main Functions, You Can Use Your Favorite Places As Well As Check The History Of The Places You Have Used.
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