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Love NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove NikkiLove Nikki
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Yeniliklər Bu Fantastik Macərada Geyim Və üslubun Gücünü Kəşf Edin
KateqoriyaAndroid üçün oyunlar
Versiya 6.9.0 versiya
AdıLove Nikki
Ölçü101.00 MB
Əməliyat sistemiAndroid 8+
Əsas məlumatlar
this role-playing game developed by the elex studio is one of the most complete, beautiful and unique games available for android. first, the game starts with a very hilarious premise, nikki, the protagonist, is summoned along with the cat momo to miraland by queen nanari. but miraland is a different place. because of the blood curse that affects all its inhabitants from birth, anyone who calls upon violence is punished with unbearable physical pain.
as a consequence, the seven nations that integrate miraland have established different alliances to keep the peace. therefore, wars have been replaced by "style battles" of different types, levels and themes. so, that is where nikki enters the story, the girl who will have to save the world using her stylistic skills.

nikki will go on a magical journey through seven nations with different design styles.

the power of fashion
Love Nikki is a very complete game that contains a lot of mini-games, all of them related to the fascinating world of fashion. the main game consists of following the story through the different maps. on each level, we will have to face a stylistic challenge and win a battle according to a certain theme. each clothing has its own attributes, that will add or reduce points to your opponent's garment. each style has its own counterpart as follows.

splendid - simple.
mature - cute.
warm - fresh.
elegant - cheerful.
sexy - modest.

our character's abilities will be crucial in battle, we must level them up with coins. these skills are smile, charm, keen eye, true love or sleep, among others.
as we progress, we will discover more and more secret details of miraland's story, along with an infinite number of lovely and charming characters. the story mode has two levels: maiden (easy) and princess (difficult). every time we face someone, we will use up hearts and get new coins and clothes. furthermore, some chapters have dubbed voices, although we will have to download the corresponding package to our android device if we want to enjoy them.

with nearly 300,000 words, dialogues and descriptions, the story is like a novel.

enjoy styling in various game modes
besides the story mode, this game also has other game modes that will keep you busy on a daily basis. the themes offered by the developer are:

stylist status. play every day against other players by following the stylistic rules of each battle and climb positions in the weekly rankings.
competition. choose an outfit that matches the specific theme given every three days and vote for your favorites.
recipe workshop. here, you will be able to customize your clothes and accessories with different colors, upgrade them to create more sophisticated versions, create new garments with different pieces or decompose them.
starred corridor. share your best moments in miraland with your character's images.
mystery house. get new clothes every day in six fixed catalogs.
stylistic association. join an association to face exclusive story mode chapters together and create amazing outfits.
dream weaver. find out more about the rest of miraland's characters and get new additions to your wardrobe.
free dress. choose the clothes you like the most and freely create your own outfits without rules or themes.
home. decorate your own house with thousands of furniture and items and dress up the chibi version of nikki in adorable outfits.
around the world. travel through miraland's map.
seasonal events. there are events of all kinds every week where you can get exclusive outfits. each outfit is different from the previous one, although if you want to climb to the top of the ranking (and get the best prizes) you will have to prepare your portfolio.

the game also includes a series of daily missions and events, as well as an achievement system that will give you great rewards. all these features together with the great variety of extraordinary outfits created by illustrators are a great temptation and a reason to keep playing every day.
make your way through the world with exciting style battles
Love Nikki is a fantastic game with an amazing artistic section following the charming japanese style of shôjo anime. in addition, the soundtrack is wonderful and has several themes that, although looped, are still amazing.
the main problem with this game is that, if we want to get the best suits and outfits, we will have to spend money. premium items always outshine normal items in battles, and there are always new and better items to get. in fact, to use some of the game's more convenient features (such as automatic level replay) we will also have to pay.
also, if we are not willing to pay with real money, we will have to invest a lot, a lot of time to get some of the suits. the more complex ones can take months, depending on how we take it. there is entertainment for a long time.
yet, it is a very fun and addictive game, full of beautiful details and adorable animals, that will not only enchant fashion fans but all those who are looking for a different, delicate and beautiful experience. however, the game is currently only available in a few languages, and the english translation can be improved. you will have a lot of fun.
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