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Android Botworld Adventure Apk Free Download
Botworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld AdventureBotworld Adventure
What is New? Botworld Adventure is an all action RPG where an animal-shaped character accompanied by his bots will fight against numerous enemies in a huge world
TitleBotworld Adventure
File size534.90 MB
Operation SistemAndroid 8+
Date6 month ago (16.05.2023)
A world to explore in freedom, made up of forests, deserts, mountains, rivers, lakes and plains, which you can explore with your hero: an animal with human traits that you will choose between cat, dog, lizard and buffalo and that, accompanied by its bots, will have to face a myriad of enemies.

Explore a huge scenery with the help of your bots

Botworld Adventure is a multiplayer Action RPG in which we will manage our character with total freedom, who will discover new environments, finding junk for his bots and, above all, battling against other characters and players with whom he will share space. These fights are essential to advance in the plot, since they will serve to gain experience and improve. In them we can use the bots as weapons, taking into account the unique abilities of each one that we can combine and use as we consider depending on the strategy that has been chosen.

We control the action with a joystick arranged on the screen and we observe it in a scenario of which we have a perspective area in what is called 2.5D, being simple and intuitive handling. All this together with its graphics makes this game a more than acceptable multiplayer RPG which highlights, by way of summary, the following features:

Character selectable between four options.
Possibility of characterizing our hero.
Great variety of collectible bots to use as an accompaniment in the fight.
Open world to explore in freedom.
Simple handling of the action.
Strategic fights in real time.

Requirements and additional information:Minimum operating system requirements:
Android 6.0.Offers in-app purchases.
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